Voter Id Card Correction Online: Form 8

Voter ID is Very Important Document for all the Indian Citizen. Some times While Applying for the Voter Id, there is an Error in Name, Address, or any other Information which are Mention on Voter ID. Now you can Online Update Your name, address Etc on voter id by yourself. Now you don’t need to stand in long Queue for the Change in voter id. Online Change in voter Id can save so much time of People.

Here we will discuss About How you can update your Voter ID Step by Step Details.

Voter Id Correction Online: Form 8

Online Update Your Address In Aadhaar Card Using mAadhaar App:

Voter ID Correction Online:

  • First of all you have to Go on the Official website of government
  • Now click on the correction of Entries in Electoral Roll and Click on the tab.
  • After that new Page will Opens up.
  • Click on Form 8 in the page.
  • This will direct you to the Actual Page where you can Request for Voter Card Correction.
  • Enter the Following Details In the Form.
  • State And Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency to which you belong, Name, Part Number of Electoral Roll, Serial Number, Gender and Age. Provide Detail about Your Family, Including the Name of your father/Mother/Husband.
  • Enter your Complete Address.
  • If you have voter ID card which has been issued, Provide details of it like card number, Date When it was issued, the state where it was issued, and the City it was issued for.
  • Once these details are entered you will you have to Upload Documents which Required For them. Including your latest Photograph. a Valid ID and Address Proof.
  • Next select the details which need to changed.
  • Click on the tab which says “My Name” in order to Ensure that the Procedure Changes Only the name in your voter ID.
  •  Enter the Place you are making Request From(CITY).
  • Mention the date you have Change your details.
  • Mention Your Mobile Number.
  • Check all the details you have provided in the Form 8. And then Press the submit tab.

Online Process Of change and correct name in Voter ID card:

  • Visit the Official Website of chief Election Officer For your state. Where you will find online nsvp Forms.
  • Fill in nsvp Form 8, this form is for changing name in your voter id.
  • Upload the document which is required for your name confection.
  • For correction of name, you have to submit proof where spelling of your name is perfectly correct.
  • Submit the nsvp form 8 Online.
  • Once you Complete all the Procedure, you have to click the submit button and then your Updated Voter id you have to collect from the nearby electoral Office.

After How many days voter ID gets corrected through Form 8:

Form 8 Is the particular document for correction the mistakes in voter id. After submitting Form 8 you can see the Change in next voter list.

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