Vehicle Accident Sahay Scheme 2022

In India Every Year Thousand Of People Losing Their Life Due to Road Accident, Road Accident Ration Increasing Day By day. So Our Government Comes With the Scheme Vehicle Accident Sahay Yojana 2022 For the Citizen Of India. In Our Country Government Create SO many Different Departments for Stopping Fatal Accident. Government has also Imposed Strict Traffic Rules So that nobody will Lose their Life Due to An Accident. As A citizen Of Our Country, We Also have take care About Following Rules and Regulation Composed by Government for Us. Government Create Rules For Our Safety, So we all are Responsible for Following Rules.

According to Deputy Former Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, Nitin Patel, an average of 29,309 road accidents takes place in Gujarat alone that kills over six thousand people every year. Every human life is precious. Many people don’t even reach hospitals in case of an accident due to their fear of higher hospital charges.

So, Keeping All this In View, Government Of Gujarat have Launched Vehicle Sahay Yojana 2022. In this scheme Gujarat Government Will pay 50,000 Rs to the Hospital for the Treatment Of victim Of An Accident. so that People don’t Lose their life Just Because thy are not Able to Pay the Bills Of the Hospital. In this Scheme Government will Pay 50,000 to the Hospital within 48 hrs Of the Accident

Vehicle Accident Sahay Scheme is Valid In both Government And Private Hospitals.

The People Who Are Not Belong to Gujarat and they Met With An Accident In the State Gujarat, they will also get the Benefit Of this Scheme.

Government Of Gujarat Doing best thing Possible For the People Of Gujarat. And they Are trying their best to Stop Increasing the Number Of Accidental death In Gujarat State.

Features of the scheme:

  • The Government Of Gujarat Will Pay 50,000 Rs to the Hospital For the Victim Of the Accident.
  • This Amount Will Pay Within 48 Hrs After Admission Of victim In the Hospital
  • This Amount Will Be Paid After the Submission Of Hospital Bills And other Required Documents.
  • Following treatments will be free- dressing of wounds, X-ray, blood transfusion, treatment in ICU, MRI, ECG and other treatments in the hospital.
  • In case, the hospital transfers the patients to another hospital, then both hospitals will be reimbursed a total of Rs.50,000 under the scheme.
  • The Main Aim Of this Scheme Is To Provide Best And Fastest Treatment to the Victim.
  • In this scheme Victim can be Admitted Any Near By hospital, Government And Privet Both.
  • The operators of Ambulance are also directed to shift the patient to the best nearby hospital for the treatment of the patient.
  • All the hospitals will be given guidelines about the new scheme and cooperation from all health centers will be appreciated.
  • Private hospitals cannot charge the patient more than Rs 50,000 for the first 48 hours as they will get the reimbursement amount from the government.

     Treatment covered under the scheme:

  • Injury dressing
  • Stabilization
  • Fracture stabilization
  • Trauma treatment
  • X-ray
  • Head injury operation
  • Intimate treatment unit (ICU)
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Gum injuries

Official Website For Apply For the Vehicle Accidental Scheme:-

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