LPG Gas Cylinder Price Hike:LPG becomes Costlier from Today

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Hike: Everybody is disturbed in the Country due to Inflation in everything in the country. If the basic things for the daily life become Expensive then the Citizen have to suffer a lot. Today Government has announced very disturbing news for all. They have declared the 50 Rs Price hike in the LPG gas Cylinder.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Hike:LPG becomes Costlier from Today
LPG Gas Cylinder Price Hike:LPG becomes Costlier from Today

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Hike

Starting on Wednesday, July 6, the cost of domestic cooking gas cylinders has increased nationwide. The most recent, LPG price increase is now in effect. Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders used in domestic households will now cost an additional Rs 50, according to state-owned oil marketing companies. Domestic LPG cylinders will now cost Rs 1,053 in Delhi, an increase of Rs 50 over the previous price of Rs 1,003 per cylinder.

Following today’s increase in pricing for household LPG cylinders, a cylinder will now cost Rs 1,052.50 in Mumbai and Rs 1,079 in Kolkata. Chennai residents, on the other hand, will have to pay Rs 1,068.50 for one cylinder.

14.2 KG household LPG cylinders in Delhi now cost Rs 1,003 instead of Rs 834.50 as they did a year ago. On May 19, 2022, the price of domestic LPG cylinders was last raised by Rs 4. Prior to that, starting on May 7, the price per cylinder was Rs 999.50. Compared to March 22, 2022, the price of the LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 50 on that day. Furthermore, the cost of the cylinder increased by Rs 50 on March 22. Previously, between October 2021 and February 2022, Delhi’s price for a household LPG cylinder was Rs 899.50.

Reason of Hike in Price

State-owned fuel merchants had raised LPG prices in response to the rising prices of crude oil globally. After announcing in May that Ujjwala scheme beneficiaries would receive a Rs 200 per cylinder subsidy for 12 times a year to help lessen the burden caused by cooking gas prices reaching record highs, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the most recent increase in domestic cooking gas prices a few months later. The price increase for LPG cylinders also occurs at a time when the average person is already feeling the effects of inflation.

Hope Inflation in our Country will goes down soon. And the People of the Country get relief from these Hikes in every day household things because the 50 Rs of hike in the necessary household thing will get the trouble to the citizens. And the Citizens who are belongs to the poor family cannot afford the Rs. 50 hike in the Gas cylinders.

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